Sometimes in Tamil places, monkeys were trained in gymnastics by their catchers for public entertainment. Kiki the Hyperactive Monkey of Sentosa an anthropomorphic green crab-eating macaque performs in the defunct live nighttime spectacular, Magical Sentosa which is located at, Sentosa Island, Singapore. Magical Sentosa (also known as Sentosa Magique (in French) or ? (in Chinese)) is one of the most popular performances ever staged on the former Sentosa Musical Fountain. This child-oriented show ran for five years before being shut down in 2007, and is the only show to be staged with a revival plot. Plans for the performance began in 2000 when Yves Pepin (who designed Songs of the Sea) decided to design a show to suit Imbiah Lookout's theme of fantasy. Using ideas from an earlier ECA2 production in France, Yves created the show within five months, using some of the characters and plot elements of the previous show. After the restoration of the fountain, engineers began installing new equipment to create an all-new nighttime show which placed Kiki the Hyperactive Monkey of Sentosa (which was then the mascot of Sentosa) as the host of the show. It was also the first time that viewers were able to see him in CGI. The show was known internally at ECA2 as Sentosa Water and Fire Fantasy Show. It has been recently discovered that Magical Sentosa is actually a replacement of another earlier ECA2 production titled, Le Lac aux Images. The show had used some of Magical Sentosa's plot elements and characters, but possibly the most prominent character to appear in both shows was Princess Pearl, (even her siren song and her dance moves were used for Magical Sentosa) . Le Lac aux Images which operated in Futuroscope's musical fountain in France, closed down in 2003, a year after Magical Sentosa's release. The show centers on a character by the name of Ouiatouke (which Kiki's colours were based from). Both shows were produced by ECA2, but the names of most of the cast and crew have not been released, possibly to protect their identities. The show begins with a fountain master named Mr Whamsey (as mentioned by Kiki later on), greeting the audience. He shows off his skills to the audience, but before he can finish a segment known as "Grand Finale", the fountain display on one of the terrace pools suddenly stops, which is then followed by a constant flashing of lights, followed by Kiki making his signature laugh. He later breaks the fourth wall (glass shattering is heard in the background during this scene). Kiki appears laughing out of control before he goes back into hiding. He reappears and surprises Mr Whamsey, while introducing himself to the audience. Kiki challenges him into a duel for control of the Sentosa Musical Fountain. Kiki then introduces Mr Whamsey and the audience to his friends (Hello Hello). The amazed Mr Whamsey plans to enter Sentosa's Fantasyland and follows Kiki into a secret tunnel (in the sculpture's "O") through the fountain's "SENTOSA" plaster sculpture. Along the way, he meets Princess Pearl (Princess Pearl Song), who sings her siren song to the audience and dances gracefully for them. After Princess Pearl fades from the scene, Kiki, while floating on a bubble, reveals to the audience his feelings towards Princess Pearl, and he then treats the audience to a song (It's My World). After exiting Fantasyland by once again exiting through the sculpture's "O", Mr Whamsey compliments Kiki for the wonderful experience, Kiki then sings the song (Here Everybody Lives In Harmony), and when he sings the last note completely out of tune, a fireball suddenly shoots up, awakening the Merlion who comes to take Kiki. Kiki bids the audience goodbye and Mr Whamsey completes of what is left of the "Grand Finale" before bowing to the audience and taking his leave.